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Joyful Living Book Front Cover
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We could not be more excited to share this book with all of you. The Joyful Living book is the heartbeat of our brand. It has been our passion project for the last three years. It is a book of inspiring thoughts on joy and beautiful uplifting photos from contributors around the world who share how they find joy in their daily lives. We hope that you too will feel inspired and uplifted by their thoughts. We invite you to discover and celebrate your own joyful story by answering the questions for yourself on the journal joy page at the end of the book because everyone has a joy story.

We're so grateful for joy. One of our favorite lessons from this book is that we don't have to feel happy all the time or have a picture-perfect life to experience joy. Rather, joy is made up of life's ups and downs all together. How grateful we are for a layered life experience to learn and grow from, always finding joy in the journey.


Heather and Heidi