Bali Rug Full View
Bali Rug Full View
Bali Rug with Heather and family
Bali Rug on wood floor
Bali Rug on wood floor full view

Bali Rug

$145.00 USD

The Bali rug has Moroccan elements, colors and patterns which visually draw you in. The diamond and cross patterns interweave with one another and the balance and symmetry shown through the rug will complement any space with the Bali's  warm inviting tones. 

Please allow 12-14 weeks for production and shipping. 
Details and Specifications
Hand Knotted Wool 
Made in India 
Custom Made to Order 
Do not vacuum rug fringe
Also, colors are subject to a 5-15% shade band (difference in colorfastness) due to the hand-made nature of the product. Also the pattern will change to reflect the size as it increases or decreases